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Michelle Stanley

Michelle Stanley

Research and Data Associate


Michelle Stanley (Coharie) is the Research and Data Associate for Advance Native Political Leadership. She provides research and data analysis support for several Advance programs.
Michelle has prior experience conducting data analyses and social research within higher education institutions. She also earned a master’s in public administration from UNC Charlotte and has taught Indigenous feminism courses.
With her background as an Indigenous scholar and researcher, Michelle is passionate about translating theory and data into actions and narratives that include and serve our peoples. In this work, she is dedicated to utilizing decolonial theory and practices and upholding Indigenous data sovereignty.
Outside of professional pursuits, Michelle enjoys spending time with her four cats and dog, reading, writing, traveling, hiking, and playing far too much Stardew Valley. Michelle has a deep love for music, art, and plants and you can often find her at galleries, concerts, and in her garden.