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Farah Dabbagh

Farah Dabbagh

National Training Manager

Farah Dabbagh is the National Training Manager at Advance Native Political Leadership. She leads the project management and coordination of all training programs under the Native Leadership Institute.

With a passion for dismantling systems and creating positive change, Farah has worked extensively on the community level within the domains of domestic and sexual violence, homelessness, and the child welfare system. Currently living in Kansas City, MO, Farah dedicates her time to volunteering for animal shelters.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Farah finds joy spending time with her partner, dog, and two cats. She is an avid cook, enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, is a passionate traveler, and loves to move her body through kickboxing and dance. Farah has a deep love for live music and you will often find her at a concert. Her favorite season is Autumn and everything it entails.