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Marci McLean-Pollock

Marci McLean-Pollock

Executive Director, Montana Native Vote and Western Native Voice

Amskapi Piikani

Marci McLean-Pollock, Amskapi Piikani, also known as Istoowanii (Flies in the front), grew up on the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. She earned an A.A. degree in Physical Therapy Assisting, and a Bachelors in Human Biology with a minor in Native American Studies. She and her partner Angie, call the Blackfeet Nation home and reside in Billings with their four children. Marci enjoys being around and especially on the back of a horse, when she has the time she enjoys nature, beading, and drawing. Marci’s kids are her world, her pride and joy, so anything with them is a priority.

In 2014, she graciously accepted the position of Executive Director for Montana Native Vote and Western Native Voice. Under her leadership, their team has led robust community organizing, civic engagement and advocacy programs. Before entering into the social justice world, Marci’s career was in the healthcare and construction fields. Marci’s passion is helping others find their voice and build their leadership skills to lead movements and change.

Marci draws her strength and guidance from her Piikuni culture, she belongs to the Brave Dogs Society, comes from the Greenwood Burner Society, is a part of Thunder Pipe and Beaver Bundles, and a member of the Piikuni Warrior Women’s Society.