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Anthony Tamez-Pochel

Anthony Tamez-Pochel

National Program and Digital Associate

Saulteaux | Sicangu Lakota | Black

Anthony Tamez-Pochel (Saulteaux | Sicangu Lakota | Black) is the National Program and Digital Associate for Advance Native Political Leadership. Anthony provides support to the Native Leadership Institute programs, and contributes to the organization’s social media strategy and outreach.

Tamez-Pochel is the current Youth Chairman of the Center for Native American Youth’s Advisory Board, a member of Chi-Nations Youth Council, a Chicago-based grassroots Collective of Native peoples, and a steward of the First Nations Community Garden in Chicago’s northwest neighborhood of Albany Park.

Anthony is an ardent supporter of what’s being coined the Land Back movement, which strives to reclaim Indigenous peoples’ political and economic relations with their ancestral territories.

As an Anisnabae inini, Anthony is committed to educating the younger generation about Indigenous knowledge systems and combating settler colonial violence in the city of Chicago and Nationally. As a Black and Native person Anthony is also dedicated to teaching Chicagoans how to ethically live on Anisnabek lands and how to support Black Indigenous solidarity to work towards collective liberation.